All That Is Still Melts Into Air


. . . Finally, upon the wall just to the right of the entrance was Quinn's All That Is Still Melts Into Air. This relief of paint, wire and pins was perhaps the most celebratory of the design technology that produced it. Consisting of a light grey rectangle painted on the wall with vinyl wire frame filigree and low relief spheres of wire and straight pins, the work was practically a screen shot of the Rhino (popular 3D design software) work space. Quinn is admittedly new to 3D design software and CNC devices, yet her interest in "what it means to create a world that lives between the digital and analogue, between two dimensions and three dimensions and between the real and the imagined" is evident in All That Is Still Melts Into Air. While working within a virtual 3D space, it is natural to want to experience that space in an unmediated way. By using a CNC vinyl plotter and sculpting in three dimensions with pins and wire, Quinn approximated that unmediated experience. . . .

- Dylan J. Beck, "Fabricating Ideas: A Review by Dylan J. Beck," Ceramics: Art and Perception no. 82, 2010, p. 96.